for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, and percussion

Premiered at the Penn Sound Collective concert of graduate composers by the TAK ensemble
at the ARCH Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania. March 2019
Duration: 5'

Program Notes

In 2018 and 2019, two ideas I enjoyed exploring separately in my pieces were the notion of time, and playing with the Polish language. Tik-Tak combines both. I wrote the text in Polish because “tak” bears several meanings, including yes, such as, as if, as much, etc.; moreover, there are countless of sayings involving the word “tak”, few of them being used here. In regard to the notion of time, this piece is about time passing by mercilessly -- independent of, and indifferent to any of our human events and interactions. Any meaningful moment that we would like to hold on to, vanishes irrevocably. No matter what happens, time goes on, as if nothing had happened. In addition to presenting my personal take on time, Tik-Tak also contains “Tak”, the sound I wanted to use in this piece, given it was written for the TAK ensemble.

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The TAK ensemble
Soprano - Charlotte Mundy
Flute - Laura Cocks
Clarinet - Carlos Cordeiro
Violin - Marina Kifferstein
Percussion - Ellery Trafford