Mrs. and Mr. Potato Heads

for flute and bassoon

Commissioned by the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY.
Premiered by Zack Osinski and Jake Fowler at the Museum of Play, Rochester. November 2015
Duration: 5'

Program Notes

Mrs. and Mr. Potato Heads was written as part of a collaborative project between the Museum of Play and several composers from Eastman. Each composer picked their favorite toy from the "Toy Halls of Fame" that would inspire them to write a new piece; new works would then be premiered at the Museum for a very young audience. The toys ranged from a Rubik's Cube to bubbles, dominoes, Monopoly, etc. (Full list can be found here.)

My chosen toys were Mrs and Mr. Potato Heads because I was so drawn to their caricature-like quirks and personalities; I wanted to convey a bit of humor with some theatrical elements to engage with the children. The chosen instruments are also supposed to impersonate the characters: the flute is the dramatic Mrs. Potato Head and the low, grumpy bassoon is her beloved husband. The piece is about these two characters' journey at the Strong Museum of Play where they both explore the new space, and embark on a small adventure.